Legal basis: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) – hereinafter: GDPR

The Controller of your personal data is Centrum Bocian spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa (limited liability partnership) (hereinafter referred to as: the Centre), with its registered office at ul. Akademicka 26, 15-267 Białystok, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 5422971792, REGON (National Business Registry Number) 200067699, KRS (National Court Register): 0000621247, represented by the general partner - Centrum Bocian spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, with its registered office at ul. Akademicka 26, 15-267 Białystok, KRS 0000502539. It means that we are responsible for safe use of data compliant with the valid regulations.

Contact details of the Centre: Centrum Bocian spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa, ul. Akademicka 26, 15-267 Białystok

Data are processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), in particular, full guarantees of personal data protection required by the law are created. The data controller, appointed in accordance with the requirements of the law, uses technical and organizational measures ensuring the protection of personal data processed, appropriate to the hazards and the category of data under protection, in particular he protects data against their disclosure to unauthorised persons, takeover by unauthorised persons, processing with breach of the Act, as well as change, loss, damage or destruction. The data controller keeps, in particular, documentation describing the manner of data processing. Data can only be processed in the Centre by persons having authorisation conferred by the data controller.

The personal data obtained from you are used by the Centre in order to:

  • protect the health status, provide medical services, enter into and perform contracts (e.g. contract of employment, contract for provision of services), provide laboratory services or other medical services, as may prove necessary for the purpose of the treatment, as well as in order to manage the provision of medical services.
  • fulfil the legal obligation of the Centre as the controller, e.g.: the obligations designated in the Act on treating infertility of 25.06.2015, the Act on health care institutions, the Act on patient's rights and the Patient's Rights Advocate, the Act on the profession of a doctor and dental surgeon, the Act on the profession of a nurse and midwife, the Act on laboratory diagnosticians, i.e. , in particular, to keep and store medical documentation, transfer information on contagious diseases, make medical documentation available to the entities authorised and to the judiciary,
  • issue documents about temporary inability to work,
  • issue certificates on previous treatment at the request of patients and entities authorised by them,
  • issue and store invoices as well as accounting documents,
  • issue certificates concerning the course of employment and cooperation,
  • keep staff documentation and perform obligations resulting from employment contracts and civil-law contracts,
  • respond to complaints on time and in the form specified by the regulations,

Your data shall be processed by the Centre:

  • for the time of provision of medical benefits and services related thereto,
  • for the time for which regulations of the binding law oblige the Centre to store your personal data, e.g. Article 29 of the Act on patient's rights and the Patient's Rights Advocate of 5 November 2008 concerning storage periods of particular types of medical documentation
  • in the period when the Centre may sustain legal consequences of default in performing the obligation in question, resulting from current legal provisions
  • for the duration of contracts concluded (e.g. contracts of employment, recruitment period, civil-law contracts, contracts for provision of services), and then for the period after which claims resulting from the contract binding you and the Centre expire, and if the Centre makes any claims or notifies the competent authorities − for the duration of such proceedings

The provision of medical services by the Centre is conditioned upon your transfer of personal data on registration forms, consents forms, contracts, and other documents directly or indirectly related with services rendered by the Centre. The processing personal data and their verification on the basis of a document containing a photograph shall be verified by authorised employees of the Centre, in a manner consistent with the Personal Data Protection Act. You shall have access to the content of your personal data and the right to correct them. The provision of personal data in the scope required by medical legislation is obligatory, and in the remaining scope - voluntary. Refusal of provide personal data in the scope required by medical legislation will result in the Centre's refusal to provide any medical services to Patients. During of provision of medical services, it may become necessary to do additional tests, services, or other activities related to your health and the treatment processes, e.g. referral to another centre with higher degree of referenceability, the need to submit statements and consents with Superintendent Registrar, etc. If it requires the use of your data in a manner different than described in this document, the missing information will be supplemented and transferred, if possible, before obtaining the data. In all other aspects, information about data processing contained in this document shall remain valid.

The conclusion of a contract of employment is conditioned upon the employee candidate providing his/her data specified in detail in Article 22 1 of the Labour Code, i.e.: name (names) and surname, parents' names, date of birth, place of residence (mailing address), education, the course of previous employment. The Centre has the right to request from an employee, regardless of the personal data mentioned above, also:

  • employee's other personal data, as well as names and surnames and dates of birth of the employee's children, if such data are necessary due to the employee's use of particular rights stipulated in the labour law;
  • the employee's PESEL number assigned by the Government IT Centre of the Common Electronic System of Population Register (RCI PESEL).

The Centre has the right to demand documentation for the personal data and may request specification of personal data other than the aforementioned if the obligation to specify such information is imposed by separate regulations. Similar principles apply in the event of concluding contracts under the civil law.

The personal data obtained from you shall be transferred by the Centre to the following entities:

  • other care medical entities processing personal data with which the Centre has concluded contracts concerning provision of other medical services or benefits that need to be provided or carried out during the Centre's provision of medical benefits related to your treatment process, which are not directly performed by the Centre
  • the Ministry of Health in cases specified by legal regulations, in particular according to the provisions of the Act of 25 June 2015 on treating infertility, e.g. in the case of the procedure of transfer of reproductive cells for a donation other than to a partner or an embryo for an embryo donation, occurrence of significant events and adverse reactions, inspections conducted in the Centre
  • the Social Insurance Institution in cases specified by legal regulations
  • competent tax revenue offices and other tax bodies, in cases specified by legal regulations
  • state and local administration bodies, the judiciary or other entities, on the basis of provisions of the binding law
  • other entities, only on the basis of the binding legal regulations
  • persons authorised by you and legal representatives
  • entities providing legal and IT services to the Centre
  • operators involved in postal or courier and transport operations

Payments made to the Centre e.g. via a bank or a financial institution shall result in transfer of information on the account and institution from which the payment has been made. The Centre shall process these data to check whether the payment has been made correctly and for the purposes related to determining possible complaints, making refunds, filing and defending claims, and for the purposes of creating statistics and analyses.

The Centre may achieve your data from public registers, e.g. EWUŚ (Electronic Verification of Eligibility of Beneficiaries) database or ZUS (Social Security), in order to verify or determine data significant from the point of view of proper performance of medical services.

If the processing of your personal data by the Centre breaches legal regulations, you may file a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Everyone has the right to personally submit to the Centre a written request for:

  • correction (amendment) of personal data,
  • removal of personal data processed in an unjustified way
  • limitation of processing (withholding operations on data or refraining from removing data – pursuant to the request submitted),
  • access to personal data (information on the data processed by us and a copy of the data),
  • transfer of data to another data controller or to you (within the scope specified in Article 20 of GDPR).

The above request shall be submitted in person, in the seat of one of the 3 health care institutions of the Centre in Białystok, Warsaw or Katowice. An employee of the Centre, prior to accepting the request, shall verify your identity to determine whether a given person is entitled to submit this request. The scope of each of the above rights and the situations when they can be exercised results from legal regulations.

The Act on treating infertility of 25.06.2015 and the Regulation of the Minister of Health issued on its basis impose on medically assisted procreation centres and on reproductive cell and embryo banks a number of responsibilities related to the performance of medically assisted procreation procedures. Before using the services of the Centre, it is necessary to specify the following data: name and surname, PESEL number, series and number of a document confirming your identity, date of birth, place of residence, gender. To begin any procedures of medically assisted procreation, you should additionally specify phenotype data: height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, hair structure, body build, race, and ethnic origin.

During the provision of medical services, the Centre will receive a number of other information concerning your health condition, in the form of medical history, results of laboratory tests and health examinations, previous information on previous treatment, as well as other sensitive data, necessary for determining the health condition, being a direct qualification for further procedures of medically assisted procreation.