IVF with anonymous donor cells

Some women, for various reasons, do not have their own oo or the quality of their oocytes is insufficient for fertilisation to occur or for the pregnancy to develop correctly. The solution for them could be an IVF programme which uses fresh or frozen ova provided by donors. All donors undergo a thorough health verification process carried out by our doctors beforehand to ensure the safety of IVF. This fertility clinic ensures that the procedure is completely anonymous both for the donor and for the recipient.

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In vitro Donor Egg in Poland - egg bank

At the Klinika Bocian, we have our own oocytes and embryos bank. This allows us to quickly check the availability of oocytes from a donor with a corresponding phenotype, and thus accurately determine the waiting time for IVF. The entire process of donor qualification takes place directly in the clinic and is carried out by our professionals. We ensure that only high quality oocytes are deposited in our bank.

In vitro Donor Egg in Poland – donors

Only young, healthy women, with no fertility problems, can become eggs donors. Before they are qualified for the donor programme, they undergo a thorough examination under the supervision of our doctors, in terms of general health, infectious diseases, genetic disorders as well as neurological and mental disorders.

To the couples which take advantage of the IVF with donor cells programme, we ensure:

  • krotki-czas-oczekiwania-na-zabieg.svg
    Short waiting list.
  • wybor-dawczyni-na-podstawie-cech-fenotypowych.svg
    Female donor matching based on phenotypic features.
  • opieka-doswiadczonych-lekarzy-i-embriologow.svg
    Professional and personalized care provided by experienced doctors and embryologists.
  • wysoka-skutecznosc.svg
    High confirmed success rate.
  • minimum-5-komorek-w-stadium-M2.svg
    Minimum 5 eggs in MII stage.
  • dawczynie-zweryfikowane-pod-katem-medycznym-genetycznym-psychologicznym.svg
    Carefully selected female donors with verified medical, genetical and mental background.
  • bezpieczenstwo-na-kazdym-etapie-realizacji-programu.svg
    Safety at every stage of the program implementation.
  • zgodnosc-programu-z-ustawa-o-leczeniu-nieplodnosci.svg
    Compliance with the Infertility Treatment Act.

General success rate of IVF with Donor Egg in Poland - Klinika Bocian

IVF refers to a whole range of methods and techniques supporting fertilisation outside the womb applied according to specific recommendations of the doctor. Their success rate depends on a number of factors, especially the individual medical situation of the patient. If you want to learn more about IVF success rate depending on the type of service, please contact us. Our professionals will be happy to provide advice and clarifications.

Pregnancy confirmed by beta HCG test (%)
Clinical pregnancy (%)

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inVitroDonation.graph.fresh.title inVitroDonation.graph.fresh.desc


inVitroDonation.graph.frozen.title inVitroDonation.graph.frozen.desc

inVitroDonation.graph.fresh.title - inVitroDonation.graph.fresh.desc

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Frequently asked questions

Asked questions

  • 1

    What is the cost of IVF with donor eggs?

    The final cost of IVF with donor eggs depends on whether we use fresh or frozen eggs for the procedure. Read more

  • 2

    How long does IVF with donor eggs take?

    Generally IVF with donor eggs timeline is the same as IVF with patient's eggs. We do not have waiting list for this type of treatment. If we have donor eggs matching your phenotype available, you can start the treatment immediately. Read more

  • 3

    When IVF with donor eggs should be considered?

    IVF with donor eggs should be considered when female patient for some reason doesn't have her own oocytes or patient's oocytes are of bad quality therefore it doesn't give patients chances for healthy pregnancy. Read more

  • 4

    Can use my sister or friend eggs for IVF?

    According to polish law donation process is fully anonymous. Therefore patients cannot use oocytes from family of friends. Read more