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Klinika Bocian Fertility Clinic,
Gynecology and Obstetrics
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ul. Piotrkowska 157a
90-440 Łódź

Klinika Bocian Łódź - infertility treatment, gynecology and obstetrics center

The infertility treatment Clinic Bocian in Łódź is a modern medical facility located in the center of Poland which carries out successful IVF and intrauterine insemination procedures. The clinic employs professional midwives, laboratory diagnosticians, certified embryologists and doctors with many years of experience in the field of infertility treatment and assisted reproduction. The center has comfortable offices, procedure rooms and medical equipment which provide the most accurate and the safest examinations.
Klinika Bocian in Łódź offers:
  • detailed diagnostics of male and female fertility,
  • fertilization by intrauterine insemination (IUI),
  • treatment of infertility using in vitro techniques,
  • conducting pregnancies,
  • semen analysis,
  • USG examinations,
  • genetic and immunology tests,
  • a wide range of gynecological procedures.
At Klinika Bocian in Łódź our specialists provide an individual approach to all patients to indicate the most precise reason of the infertility and to implement the most appropriate treatment.

IVF in Łódź – how to get to Klinika Bocian

Klinika Bocian in Łódź is situated in a convenient localization at the heart of city center by Piotrkowska street and the famous Centrum Tram Station. It enables easily to get to our facility from every district of Łódź. Nearby, there is also Łódź Fabryczna railway station (2,5 km from the clinic) and Łódź Airport (8 km from the clinic). Our Clinic is on the 1st floor in a modern complex of Hi Piotrkowska. Heading to Klinika Bocian, patients should use the entrance from Adam Mickiewicz avenue. (al. Adama Mickiewicza).

ul. Piotrkowska 157a
90-440 Łódź
+48 690 000 955 lodz@klinikabocian.pl

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Piotrkowska Centrum

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Piotrkowska Centrum

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Fertility clinic in Łódź - our team

The team of doctors at Klinika Bocian in Łódź is composed of professionals in gynecology and obstetrics, who have been treating male and female infertility for many years.

Grzegorz Mrugacz M.D., Ph.D Grzegorz Mrugacz Biography
Robert Skalski M.D., Ph.D Robert Skalski Biography
Ireneusz Salata M.D., Ph.D Ireneusz Salata Biography
Magdalena Ziętara M.D. Magdalena Ziętara Biography
Magdalena Rycel-Dziatosz M.D., Ph.D Magdalena Rycel-Dziatosz Biography
Jakub Malinowski M.D., Ph.D Jakub Malinowski Biography
Magdalena Golańska-Wróblewska M.D. Magdalena Golańska-Wróblewska Biography

Gallery - Klinika Bocian Łódź

Gallery - Klinika Bocian Łódź

The work at Klinika Bocian captured in the photos: tests, medical procedures, treatment of infertility, doctors offices and laboratories.

In vitro clinic Łódź - Klinika Bocian
The infertility treatment clinic in Łódź – Klinika Bocian
Insemination, in vitro – Klinika Bocian Łódź
In vitro clinic – Klinika Bocian Łódź
The infertility treatment clinic – Klinika Bocian Łódź
Treatment of infertility, insemination, in vitro – Klinika Bocian

Infertility treatment Łódź - price list

The total medical expenses of infertility treatment at Klinika Bocian in Łódź are approached individually. They are determined by medical history and health status of patients. Based on this, doctor decides to implement the most accurate therapy.

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