Klinika Bocian Fertility Clinic,
Gynecology and Obstetrics

Contact details

ul. Podwisłocze 31
35-309 Rzeszów

+48 533 331 350

Opening hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 - 16:00

Account number

IBAN: PL70102013320000120202912426 SWIFT: BPKOP LPW BANK: PKO BP

Fertility clinic Rzeszów - infertility, gynecology and obstetrics treatment center

Klinika Bocian in Rzeszow is a modern center for diagnosis and treatment of infertility, which carries out IVF procedures. The clinic employs doctors experienced in assisted reproduction, highly qualified embryologists, laboratory diagnosticians and professional midwives who support patients at every stage of treatment.

Fertility clinic Klinika Bocian offers modern medical equipment, guaranteeing patients a high standard of care, comfortable gynecological examination rooms and procedure rooms. Thanks to an individual approach to patients, skillful diagnosis and appropriate treatment, the team of Klinika Bocian effectively contributes to the fulfillment of couples' dreams of parenthood.

Fertility clinic in Rzeszów offers comprehensive medical care, including:

  • detailed diagnostics of female and male fertility,
  • modern methods of treating infertility, including IVF,
  • fertilization by intrauterine insemination (IUI),
  • managing pregnancy with full medical care,
  • genetic and immunological tests,
  • a wide range of gynecological procedures.

Gallery - Klinika Bocian Rzeszów

Gallery - Klinika Bocian Rzeszów

The work at Klinika Bocian captured in the photos: tests, medical procedures, treatment of infertility, doctors offices and laboratories.

IVF Clinic Rzeszów – Klinika Bocian
Fertility clinic Rzeszów – Klinika Bocian
Semen analysis seminogram spermiogram - Klinika Bocian Rzeszów
IVF clinic – Klinika Bocian Rzeszów
Fertility clinic – Klinika Bocian Rzeszów
Semen analysis seminogram spermiogram - Klinika Bocian

Infertility treatment in Rzeszów - price list


Infertility treatment in Rzeszow at the Klinika Bocian is based on a personalized approach to each patient. Much depends on the patients' medical history, as well as their health situation. We encourage you to read the detailed price list of consultations, examinations and procedures offered at the fertility clinic in Rzeszów