Advanced infertility IVF treatment - price and course

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is the most advanced method of fertility treatment. We use it if other fertility therapies and treatments are ineffective. IVF at the Klinika Bocian is carried out using state-of-the-art methods of assisted reproduction and procedures which improve the effectiveness of fertility treatment.

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The IVF clinic and treatment stages

The IVF in Poland procedure is preceded by a thorough/detailed diagnostics of the fertility of women and men who must perform semen analysis. After the couple is qualified for IVF, ovarian stimulation is performed by hormonal treatment. The patient remains under strict supervision during this time.

Next, we carry out ovarian puncture and retrieve eggs which are fertilised in laboratory conditions with previously collected semen.

In the absence of a patient’s own eggs or their insufficient quantity, the use of oocytes of an anonymous donor may be a solution.

The fertilised cells develop in laboratory conditions under the constant supervision of embryologists.

The last stage of in vitro procedure is embryo transfer to uterine cavity.

  • 1
    Ovarian stimulation
  • 2
    Examinations and control visits
  • 3
    Egg retreival
  • 4
    In vitro fertilization in laboratory conditions
  • 5
    Embryos cultivation
  • 6
    Embryo transfer

How much does IVF cost?

The Klinika Bocian provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of infertility.

The total price of IVF depends on:

  • the medical situation of the patients,
  • the number of required laboratory tests,
  • the selection of appropriate treatment methods,
  • the type and quantity of medications used.

Refund in vitro
Total cost of IVF

The IVF cost in Poland - including consultation with the specialist, ovarian monitoring, egg pick up, embriological procedures, embryos transfer - at Klinika Bocian starts from 9000 zł (that price doesn't cover cost of medications, which is very individual).

Examples of estimates

The specified price is approximate

Your estimate may vary depending on the recommended treatment programme. For more information about services costs at the Klinika Bocian, please see our price list.

In addition, for convenience, we provide examples of estimates of two different couples undergoing treatment in our clinics.

If you have any questions, our consultants are at your disposal.


Ania and her husband have been trying to have a child for some time, but without success. After the tests and consulting the doctor, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilisation, or IVF, for the first time. They chose the Klinika Bocian in Katowice.

Total 9,315 PLN
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Aneta already has some experience with IVF. Unfortunately, the first two attempts did not bring about the desired effect. This time, she has decided to change the infertility treatment centre and try additional procedures to support fertilisation.

Total 16,215 PLN
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IVF with donor cells

  • IVF with Donor Egg programme is designed for women who, for various reasons, do not have their own eggs or the quality of their oocytes is insufficient for fertilisation to occur or for the embryo to develop correctly.
  • Our donors undergo a detailed verification for their overall health status, life style and the chance of successful IVF with their egg cells. The qualification process of the donor is carried out at our clinic, under the supervision of our doctors.
  • We have a reproductive cells and embryos bank, so we can quickly check the availability of oocytes with the given phenotype and indicate the specific waiting time.
  • The procedure is similar to a normal IVF, but without the difficult hormonal stimulation and ovarian puncture.
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We're here to answer your questions

There are no bad questions - we are here to help. Our professional will be happy to talk to you, provide advice and clarifications concerning visits, tests, procedures, and our treatment methods.


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How long does the IVF procedure take?

Consultation with a doctor and the tests required for IVF may be carried out on any day of the woman’s ovulation cycle. In our calculator, you can check the length of each IVF step, including the first stimulation visit, check-ups, egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The genaral infomation about IVF timelie you can find - IVF in Poland - treatment timeline

Select the date of your visit to start the IVF procedure (between day 2 and day 5 of the cycle).


The colours will appear in the graph after you select the procedure start date.

Step 1 First visit

The patient undergoes hormonal testing and subsequent treatment steps are established. After the visit, she receives hormonal stimulation drugs which are administered for several days.

Step 2 Check-ups

The first check-up visit must take place 6-7 days after starting the procedure, whereas subsequent visits depend on the needs of the patient. The presence of the partner is not necessary.

Step 3 Egg retrieval

Egg cells are retrieved, transferred to the laboratory and fertilised. Embryos can be grown for 2, 3 or 5 days. If the partner has not previously deposited his semen, he should be present on this day at the clinic.

Step 4 Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer occurs 2, 3 or 5 days after the puncture. The presence of the partner is not necessary. The patient is notified about the day of the transfer by telephone, one day in advance.

IVF success rate

In 2021, the success rate of IVF/ICSI at the Klinika Bocian was 68.2%. For a number of years, we have been reporting the results of our work regularly to the European IVF Monitoring (EIM) Consortium run by ESHRE. In Poland, the report is the responsibility of the Division for Fertility and Infertility of the Polish Gynaecology Society.

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The work at Klinika Bocian captured in the photos: tests, medical procedures, treatment of infertility, doctors offices and laboratories.

In vitro - Białystok, Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Szczecin – Klinika Bocian
In vitro – klinika leczenia niepłodności Bocian
Leczenie niepłodności za pomocą in vitro – Klinika Bocian
In vitro - Białystok, Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Szczecin
In vitro – klinika leczenia niepłodności - Klinika Bocian
Leczenie niepłodności za pomocą in vitro

Frequently asked questions

Asked questions

  • 1

    What are the chances of IVF success?

    The IVF success depends on many factors, as female age, partner's semen quality,partner state of health and on infertility causes. Read more

  • 2

    Can IVF work the first time?

    Some patients got pregnant already after first IVF cycle. Others may need two, three or more transfers to succeed. Read more

  • 3

    Which tests should i undergo before IVF?

    Before starting IVF program couple should undergo serological tests for HIV, VDRL, HBV and blood type. Read more

  • 4

    What should be the BMI for an IVF patient?

    Polish regulations of Ministry of Health say nothing about BMI requirements of the patiens. Read more