All you need to know about infertility treatment


Cost of IVF abroad

The low cost of IVF treatments - this the reason why most patients decide to go abroad for their fertility journey. But there are some things that need to be taken into your calculations.


IVF with donor eggs

IVF treatment with donor eggs is a solution for patients who due to their medical situation and diagnosis cannot use their eggs for fertilization. At Klinika Bocian every year we perform hundreds of IVF cycles with donor eggs.


How to choose an IVF clinic abroad?

Finding the best IVF clinic abroad can be a challenge. What if IVF fails first time? Why is IVF expensive? Will staff be pleasant, and will they speak the language I am speaking? We have tried to answer some of most popular questions and hopefully help you to make your mind.

We're here to answer your questions

There are no bad questions - we are here to help. Our professional will be happy to talk to you, provide advice and clarifications concerning visits, tests, procedures, and our treatment methods.


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