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Cost of IVF abroad

Cost of IVF abroad

In short The low cost of IVF treatments - this the reason why most patients decide to go abroad for their fertility journey. But there are some things that need to be taken into your calculations.

Cheap IVF treatment - is it possible?

Cost aspect of treatment is one of the most important issues for the patient while choosing clinic for IVF abroad. But there is a lot to consider before you will be attracted by the cheap IVF abroad offer. The process of IVF treatment always involves diagnostics, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, embryos cultivation and embryos transfer. Talking to your coordinator, try to ask as many questions as possible on the costs of the procedures that can be estimated beforehand.

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What should be mentioned in IVF treatment offer?

Below we give you some recommendations on how to choose a good affordable IVF clinic abroad

  • Check cost of medications is included in the final cost estimation. Some clinics do not mention the cost of ovarian stimulation medications in their offer. Not surprisingly, as the amount of medications which will be used for IVF treatment is very individual and depends on your age, hormone profile and previous treatment experience. But make sure to ask you coordinator approximate stimulation medication range of costs.
  • Make certain what the diagnostics before IVF treatment includes and are there are any tests which can be done by you in your home country covered by your insurance. From our experience, most of the hormone tests may still need to be repeated (since the hormone profile may change every cycle) but for example tests for blood type and pap-smear are among those which our patients bring from their home country.

Additional costs in IVF treatment – where do they come from?

  • Looking at the IVF treatment packages in Europe from 1500 to 3500 EUR to you may be sometimes surprised by the difference in price offer. Beside medication costs, there are also additional treatment methods which usually may not be mentioned in price. Those methods are supposed to enhance and increase the success rates of the procedure outcome, such as: Embryoglue, assisted hatching, HBA and DNA test of semen, embryoscope. Read about those techniques which are used at our clinic here.
  • Make sure you know about the costs of possibly needed embryos (eggs,semen) freezing at the clinic and its preservation for every next year.
  • Finally, we recommend to think out and take into consideration logistic costs (flight tickets, accomodation) of the process. Your English speaking coordinator should be ready to give you a clear idea on how many times and for how long you should stay abroad during your treatment.

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