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How to choose an IVF clinic abroad?

How to choose an IVF clinic abroad?

In short Finding the best IVF clinic abroad can be a challenge. What if IVF fails first time? Why is IVF expensive? Will staff be pleasant, and will they speak the language I am speaking? We have tried to answer some of most popular questions and hopefully help you to make your mind.

Preparation for the treatment

The choice to go for IVF treatment abroad, in most cases, is a very well thought out decision. Patients are drawn by high success rates as well as by IVF costs abroad, especially compared to the prices of the same treatment in their home country. However, starting the process of searching for the best IVF clinic abroad, patients feel lost very soon. Seems that all clinics in Europe offer competitive costs of IVF treatment, extremely high success rates and assure you will be pregnant with them. The truth is though there is no clinic in the world which can guarantee you success and there is no clinic which fits everybody.

That is why it is really helpful for couples to realise what their own top requirements from the ivf clinic are. For some people it may be price, for others it is scientific background or amount of embryos that may be transferred at one procedure. Below we give you an idea of what from our perspective as an fertility treatment clinic in Poland may be significant to think about choosing your treating clinic.

  • Legislation. You need to be sure that you are eligible for the treatment of your choice. The most popular aspects include diffrences in the age limits, possibility of gender selection, single women, same-sex relationships and donors anonimity.
  • How long IVF takes, is there any waiting list and treatment costs should be described by the coordinator of your clinic in detail. Try to get as much information as possible from the coordinator in your ivf clinic abroad regarding the amount of visit and its length, and possibility of online consultation with your assigned doctor before your visit at the clinic. Patients attracted by cheap IVF abroad offers should ask the coordinator about all the potential hidden expenses.

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Success rates in IVF treatment clinics - things to remember

By the IVF best clinic patients usually understand the clinic with the highest success rates. However, success rates can be misleading if they are not assessed correctly.

Success rates can be measured differently - by live births or pregnancies record. The IVF efficiency can be considered by round, by transfer or per patient. There is only one reliable institution in terms of statistics per country in reproductive medicine at the moment is ESHRE.

We also suggest checking if the IVF clinic abroad you plan to go, comply with regulatory requirements. In Europe it is regulated by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) located in the EU.

Language barrier during IVF treatment

If you are native english-speaker, it may be one of the important factors that you get all the information in english. Usually it is the coordinator of the IVF clinic in Poland for instance who speaks fluent English and can translate everything for you when needed.

It may be beneficial to understand the specialisation of the doctors in the clinic and if they specialise in something that you can be interested in. For example in some clinics doctors go for mild stimulation protocols for women with low AMH, some recommend acupuncture as part of treatment plan or frozen embryos transfer instead of fresh.

Also, in order to maximise the chances of successful treatment and to ensure as safe a future pregnancy as possible, extra attention should be given to full diagnostics of your and your partner’s reproductive health - including endocrine check-ups and infectious disease testing. And we recommend that this is something to be taken into consideration while choosing your IVF treatment clinic abroad.

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