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IVF with donor eggs

IVF with donor eggs

In short IVF treatment with donor eggs is a solution for patients who due to their medical situation and diagnosis cannot use their eggs for fertilization. At Klinika Bocian every year we perform hundreds of IVF cycles with donor eggs.

When IVF with donor eggs is needed?

IVF with donor eggs is one of the most popular procedures among our patients from abroad. This is mainly due to the waiting list to have this type of treatment at home country, due to the high costs of the treatment or legal requirements.

IVF with donor eggs is usually considered by the patients who for different reasons are not able to use their own eggs or by the patients who had many failed IVF attempts with their own eggs in the past.

To plan your IVF in Poland with donor eggs you need to keep many things in mind. Below we are giving you a few tips which hopefully will make your plan easier.

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Stages of treatment with donor eggs

Selecting a donor

Make sure that you know where the egg cells you will be using are coming from. At Klinika Bocian for instance, we use our own bank and all our donors go through rigorous screenings before their egg cells appear at our bank. The candidates for the donors go through medical, genetic and psychological screening - that ensures that our patients will receive egg cells of the quality which give good chances for the pregnancy.

Preparation for the treatment

Though in the procedure we use donor cells, it is still the female patient who will be carrying the pregnancy. That is why the process of the treatment includes diagnostic tests for both patients and this is something to take into consideration planning your treatment.

How long Ivf treatment with donor eggs may take?


The treatment process can take from 3 weeks to 2 month depending on the availability of the egg cells matching your phenotype but in many cases only 2 visits is enough to complete the IVF treatment with frozen donor eggs in Poland. The IVF with fresh donor eggs may take a bit longer.

We recommend asking your clinic about the possible waiting list for the egg cells as in some countries it may be an issue. As per our clinic, we do not have waiting lists as a matter of the fact that we run our own bank and try to make the process of donor selection as smooth as possible.

Things to remember before starting ivf with donor eggs


If you considering IVF and egg donation in Europe it is important to find our the legal aspects of the treatment and in contrast to UK for example in Europe the donation process is fully anonymous. Child borned with the help of egg donation procedure in Poland will never have the possibility to have information on the donor of the egg cells.

Success rates

The chances of success of the IVF with donor eggs depends on many factors such as fresh or frozen donor eggs used for the treatment, semen quality of the semen, general health state of the recipient and uterus condition in particular. Success rates can be misleading if they are not assessed correctly. Success rates can be measured differently - by live births or pregnancies record and this is one of the most important questions to ask your coordinator while planning your IVF egg donation abroad. At Klinika Bocian the success rate of clinical pregnancy for IVF cycle with fresh donor eggs is 72%. Please, learn more on our statistics here.


The final cost of IVF with donor eggs depends on whether we use fresh or frozen eggs for the procedure and on the amount of medications which are used for the preparation of the patient for the transfer. The average cost of the IVF cycle with donor eggs in Europe is around 4000-5000 Euros. At our clinic with egg donation treatment, you get 6 egg cells in the MII stage (stage of egg development which gives potential for successful fertilization). We also try to be as transparent as possible for our patients and do not offer embryos guarantee programs.

Please, ask our coordinators for more information.

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