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Difficult path
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  • M.D., Ph. D Bartosz Pietrzycki
  • Klinika Bocian Białystok

Difficult path

Me and my husband, we have been together for a very long time - 23 years, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that we started thinking about a child. We were and still are very happy, we have passions, we didn’t feel a void... Until the end of last year, when my husband was doing some basic tests. It came like a court sentence. Extreme oligospermia.

So that we wouldn't regret it some day…

It was a terrible time... I never felt pressure to have a child, but after I heard that news, something broke in me, as if the world had collapsed... I didn’t understand it myself... We knew, on the one hand, that we could still be happy as before... But on the other hand, I couldn’t help crying each day, and in addition - paradoxically - my results, including AMH, turned out very good, as if not corresponding to my age (41.5). My husband (42 years old) started talking about IVF, but I didn’t want it, I didn’t believe in success at my age. I knew the statistics. He argued that there was always a chance. I couldn’t imagine it. In any aspect. Including financially. But we decided to give ourselves a chance - one last final chance... So that we wouldn’t regret it some day...

The first visit at the Klinika Bocian in Białystok

We went to Białystok to the Klinika Bocian. 500 km away. We read that this was a good clinic. My intuition told me that if we were to do it, it was the only place. After several tests, we were able to proceed with the stimulation at once. We could hardly say word about our decision to start or not. It took a while before we spoke. The doctor wanted to give us time, but we knew that we didn’t have it. We drove all the way there for something... The doctor didn’t promise anything, but we felt that he believed in us, that it could work…

Hormonal stimulation

We bought the medicines, we started the stimulation. After a week, we went there for two weeks. A short protocol. Everything was very calm, without great expectations, we entrusted ourselves to a higher authority, to what had been written for us somewhere... We knew that this was the last moment - we wouldn’t be able to make further attempts.

Time for the test

The first verification after 11 days. Beta positive! We couldn’t believe it, but still remained calm, knowing that it wasn’t over yet... Along the way, there was spotting, hospitalisations, haematoma, and even a surgery in the 22nd week of pregnancy. Yes, this was a huge trauma, as it had to be done with a child in the belly. There were no guarantees. But we succeeded, in that first attempt. When I gave birth, I was 42 and my husband was 43. I don’t know, it may have been like betting on the lottery, but I believe it was meant to happen.

Our happiness

Today, there’s three of us. We have a beloved, healthy son. All of this happened so fast that in the beginning we could not believe what life had given us. I think that being calm is also very important in this whole procedure. I know it may be hard to believe, but we enjoyed going to our clinic. I think we also got the right doctor. I have good memories of that time. We were calm, did some visiting, without stress, convinced that it had to work. Of course, deep in our hearts, we wanted this very much, but we were afraid to even say it out loud. We knew what each of us thought, but we communicated about it as if without words. In fear of expressing our desires, we entrusted our fate to someone else, believing that it would guide us in the right direction. Regardless of the result. Very quietly, I prayed that this day would be the happiest day of our lives. And it was. I have no regret that we neglected something before, I do not think about it like this - it was simply meant to be, this was our path, I believe, a very happy one... A path that I wish to all of you - to lead you to your destination, even if it turns out to be a long and difficult one.

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