M.D., Ph.D
Tomasz Bączkowski


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An experienced specialist in the field of gynaecology, obstetrics and endocrinology. He conducts diagnosis and treatment of infertility, andrology, endocrine disorders in women and men, and pregnancy management. He graduated with honours from the Faculty of Medicine of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, he also defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of reproductive immunology. He did internships at university hospitals in Germany. He gained experience, at the Pomeranian Medical University, first at the Gynecology Department, then at the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology in Szczecin and at the Department of Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Pomeranian Medical University in SPSK-1 in Police. He is a member of the European Society of Reproduction and Endocrinology (ESHRE) and the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE). He is the author of numerous publications in the field of infertility, embryology and gynaecology, published in peer-reviewed journals. He constantly increases his professional competences by participating in national and international training and scientific conferences. He was also honoured with the title of 'The Doctor is Friend for Women', awarded by the readers of the monthly 'Twój Styl'.